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Candy Man is an American singer and entrepreneur, born in Bradenton, Florida on February 13, 1987 at Manatee Memorial Hospital. He is the founder of Candy Bazaar, Inc., which is a manufacturer and wholesale distributor of specialty foods and other consumer goods.

Using soulful talent and an arsenal full of stories and experiences, the musical styling of Candy Man are filled with nothing but the highest concentrated qualities of truth, rhythm, rock, roll and soul. Candy has dedicated his life to being an artist and making sure that every beat and note of his music is nothing shy of great, demanding the best of himself at every given moment because he knows his fans will accept nothing short of that with his music.

In September 2014, Candy Man independently released his debut single titled, “Heart Attack” to major music retailer iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and other music retailers in collaboration with Chris Woolever.

In this day and age with so many artists that lack soul or embrace a cookie cutter like existence, Candy Man is one of the last vestiges of true talent that you do not want to miss out on. His music will make you want to bob your head and the lyrics will speak straight to your soul.